Collaborative Seminar by REIMEI, RCNP & Cluster & Hierarchies(2020/02/20 RCNP, Osaka University)

  • DATE: 20th Feb 2020, THURSDAY 13:00 PM
  • VENUE:Lecture room 1 on the 6th floor of RCNP main building
  • SPEAKER: H.-W. Hammer, TU Darmstadt
    【1st Talk】13:00-
    Title: “The proton radius: From a puzzle to precision”
    I will review the status and history of the proton charge radius determinations with a special emphasis on the role of dispersion theory.

    --- coffee break ---

    【2nd Talk】 14:30-16:00
    Title: “Universality in the strong interaction limit”
    Physical systems with very different interactions at short distances can show similar behavior at large distances. The universal properties of shallow bound states can be observed on a wide range of scales from hadrons and nuclei to ultracold atoms. I will give an overview of universality for neutral particles and discuss an extension to systems with repulsive Coulomb interactions.