As part of the Quantum Cluster Project (CLUSHIQ)<>, the RIKEN SNP laboratory <> is pleased to have Munekazu Horikoshi (Osaka City University) talk about his recent experimental work with ultracold cold gases.The seminar will be held online on June 22 at 14:00 via Zoom. Please see the detaied information as following URL:

Time & Date: *June 22 (Monday), 14:00 - 15:00* (JST)
Speaker: *Munekazu Horikoshi* (Osaka City University)
Title : *Ultracold AMO experiment for quantum few-body and many-body.*

Abstract : Ultracold atomic gases can mimic various quantum systems due to their characteristic of short range interactions, dilute density, and tunable interactions using Feshbach resonances. Since they basically show the universal physics which does not depend on detail of particle and the absolute energy scale, we can simulate various quantum systems experimentally, namely quantum simulation. In this seminar, I will introduce recent our cold atom experiments using lithium atoms from basic of the cold atomic system to application to the neutron star equation of state. Also I will show you our recent study toward studying quantum many-body cluster physics.

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