Mini Workshop:Three-Body Forces and Related Topics

'The VII international lecture series on clustering as a window on the hierachical structure of quantum systems' の講師としてお招きしたMichele Viviani 氏(INFN, Pisa) を囲んで下記要領でオンラインmini workshop を開催致します。

14:00-16:00  Michele Viviani 氏によるセミナー
16:20-18:30  workshop



M. Viviani氏セミナー
題目:Theoretical study of the 3H(p,e+,e-)4He reaction and the search for the particle X17
概要:Recently, the observation of a new particle (preliminary called X17) in the reaction 3H(p,e+,e-)4He has been claimed [1]. This announcement is based on the observation of an unexpected peak in the electron-positron angular distribution. In a precedent experiment, the same experimental group observed an analogous effect in the decay of an excited state of 8Be. We have started the theoretical study of the reaction 3H(p,e+,e-)4He by taking into account accurately the four nucleon dynamics and using state-of-the-art electromagnetic transition operators. Preliminary results will be presented.
[1]  A. J. Krasznahorkay et al.,(2019) arXiv:1910.10459