2019.3.25 Epelbaum氏による理研セミナー 

講師:Evgeny Epelbaum (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
題目:"Chiral EFT and the three-nucleon force problem"
日時:3月25日(月) 13:30 - 15:00
場所:理化学研究所(和光地区)仁科RIBF棟2階大会議室(RIBF Hall)
MAP E01建物

Three-nucleon forces constitute an important frontier in nuclear physics.
They play a significant role in theoretical studies of nuclear structure and reactions [1,2],
the equation of states for nuclear matter and ongoing efforts towards uncovering the limits of
stability of atomic nuclei. I will discuss the general structure of the three-nucleon force [3],
review the ongoing work towards deriving three-nucleon forces in chiral EFT, see [4]
and references therein, and consider selected applications [5].

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[5] E. Epelbaum et al., arXiv:1807.02848 [nucl-th], to appear in Phys. Rev. C.

Contact: Takumi Doi <doi_at_ribf.riken.jp>